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Why Choose Durango Allergy Relief?

  • We are the only certified AAT Clinic in Durango and the Four Corners Region (AAT clinics are nationwide).
  • Our clinic has been using AAT to naturally bring relief to allergy sufferers since 2009.
  • Caleb’s patient and caring attention provides a calm and relaxing experience for all ages.

Durango Allergy Relief Mission and Purpose

Our Purpose:

Transform the health of children and adults who are suffering from allergies, asthma, and food sensitivities.

Our Goal:

Help people re-engage in the activities they love, have more energy, regain the ability to breathe and go outside, and eat freely without adverse effects.

Our Method:

Offer Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT), a holistic approach that treats the source or root of people’s health issues by balancing the body naturally.

Our Patients:

Provide services to Durango and the Four Corners Region including Bayfield, Pagosa, Mancos, Cortez, Aztec and Farmington.

About Our Staff

Caleb Gates, Licensed Acupuncturist, L.Ac.

Caleb Gates L.Ac. is Durango’s MOST EFFECTIVE natural allergy, asthma and food sensitivity specialist.

After spending 11 years working as a whitewater raft guide, Caleb was battling injuries and pain. Frustrated with the modern medical system, he decided to seek care through traditional Chinese Medicine. He was astounded by the positive results and soon realized that this was his life’s calling.

In 2000, Caleb graduated from The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a diploma in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. He moved back to Durango and founded Durango Acupuncture in 2001.

When he learned about Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT), he was impressed by their unique assessment method and proprietary treatment protocol, which treats for the components of each allergen. He saw how this would help allergy sufferers by providing the results they need, so in 2009, he brought AAT to his acupuncture practice.

Since that time, he has had the privilege of bringing relief to more than 500 individuals overcome by allergies, asthma, and sensitivities. Less inflammation and reactivity give people more capacity in all areas of life. Caleb believes that a life with more balance and energy is more resilient.

Caleb is a Licensed Acupuncturist, L.Ac., in Colorado and has national licensure through the NCCAOM. He is a member of the Acupuncture Association of Colorado and has a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University.

Caleb also specializes in restoring and rebuilding digestive and respiratory function and other health issues due to candida, pathogens, microbes, chemicals and heavy metals. In addition, he specializes in pain and injury care, hormones/metabolism, stress, anxiety, mood and sleep issues.

He can help you with your pain, headaches, migraines, injuries, recurring strain and overuse patterns from work or sports. To learn more about his specialties, go to www.calebgatesacupuncture.com

Caleb is passionate about the wellness, health and longevity that acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can bring to your life.

His enthusiasm for each person’s healing potential is highly inspired by the direct result of his own successful healing with Chinese Medicine, and he would love to help you with any allergy, asthma or sensitivity related symptoms.

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Patient Testimonials

Leigh Morlan

I tell people that my doctor recommended Caleb Gates, and I am glad for this referral. I have had other allergy treatments in the past, but this care and treatment has worked the best for me.

I had to take one to two pills of different medication to relieve my runny nose and still had symptoms. At night, I had nasal stuffiness. I had a lot of problems with bloating and gas and had to take medicine.
In three treatments, I am now off sinus and digestive medication. My breathing is not obstructed at night and neither am I upset about nasal drainage.

Jeanne Moody

I wish that more people who don’t think of their symptoms as typical allergies would come to Caleb for help. The medical community could not help me. Caleb’s treatments gave me back my energy, my feeling of good health and my smile!

Food Sensitivities, Digestive Symptoms, IBS
I was very ill when I came to Caleb, and I could barely eat any food. My first two treatments made a very dramatic change, and I was on my way back to good health!
Caleb found that I was reacting to many foods, pollens, mold, barometric pressure, etc. After treatments, I have my energy back and feel great.

Adrienne F.

I HIGHLY recommend Durango Allergy Relief for anyone who is looking for a treatment that is non-invasive and medication-free. The results were exactly what I knew I needed but did not know where to look!

Skin Rash
I had itchy skin rashes that would flare up unexpectedly. I also suffered from a volatile digestive system, which was extremely inhibitive and uncomfortable.
My itchy skin has virtually disappeared and my GI tract is normal. I can eat all the foods that bothered my stomach before treatment with no symptoms.

Sandy Allen

I would definitely recommend Caleb for anyone who has severe allergy problems.

Bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma. My doctor said since I was on Advair and Veramyst, the next step would be a cortisone injection.
After one treatment, I was able to breathe better! After two treatments, I was definitely feeling better. After the third treatment, I was basically cured!!
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