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Seasonal Allergies

I have been a lifelong seasonal allergy sufferer. Living on a tree farm in southwestern Colorado has exacerbated my allergy problem. Prescription allergy medications provided relief from my itching, sneezing and watery eyes but made me too drowsy or queasy to enjoy outdoor activities. In 2012, after listening to one of Caleb Gates’ presentations on “Allergy Relief Beyond Belief,” I decided to try his approach. Through identification of my many allergy triggers followed by acupressure treatments by Caleb, I have found relief from my allergy symptoms. I enjoy spring, summer and fall activities now… what a joy! Five years after my first acupressure, I am still happy to report that this treatment works for me. I have required booster treatments for a couple of my stronger grass and tree allergies, but I prefer this treatment to medication any time. I recommend Caleb’s acupressure program to many friends who suffer from allergies.

– Judy Bolton, owner Judy’s Tree Farm

Conditions and Symptoms before Treatment:
Seasonal allergies, hay fever, sneezing, itchy nose and eyes.

Symptoms and Quality of Life after Treatment:
Last year after receiving an allergy treatment from Caleb, my symptoms resolved within 3 days. This year, my symptoms are significantly reduced from last year. I am back for my second treatment and excited to feel the same relief I did last year.

Recommendation for Durango Allergy Relief: I learned about Caleb from a colleague and am so happy I took her advice. I feel much better!

Emily Olson

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This has to be the best, needle-less answer to allergies. Not only has Caleb been able to help my allergy headaches over the years, he resolved a terrible bloody nose issue that my daughter would experience with her seasonal allergies. Caleb has also helped in resolving a hormonal acne issue I had last year that occurred after coming off the birth control pill. I don’t understand the method, but WOW if it doesn’t work.

-Kara Wyatt

Conditions and Symptoms before Treatment:
I’ve had allergies on and off for over twenty years. I used to take shots, tried multiple over-the-counter medications, etc. with only temporary relief. My symptoms typically begin in early spring and last through the fall months which have included watery eyes, sneezing fits and itchy eyes, nose and throat.

Symptoms and Quality of Life after Treatment:
Since receiving five treatments starting at the end of April, my symptoms are basically nonexistent. I no longer feel the fatigue that usually accompanies my symptoms and/or effects of medication. I have recently had one “tune-up” treatment to continue to boost my immune system and to be proactive regarding all the varied locations I will travel to this summer.

I highly recommend Durango Allergy Relief and this innovative treatment to friends, colleagues and anyone else who suffers from allergies. It has truly enhanced my summer and all my outdoor pursuits due to being symptom and medication-free! Thank you!

-Anne Webster

Asthma Reviews

Conditions and Symptoms before Treatment:
Bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma. My doctor said since I was on Advair and Veramyst, the next step would be a cortisone injection.

Symptoms and Quality of Life after Treatment.
After one treatment, I was able to breathe better! After two treatments, I was definitely feeling better. After the third treatment, I was basically cured!!

I would definitely recommend Caleb for anyone who has severe allergy problems.
-Sandy Allen

Sinusitis Reviews

How did these treatments change your life?
More energy; breathing is easier; seasons don’t determine my outside activities.

Conditions and Symptoms before Treatment:
Sinus headaches constantly, mouth breather, lack of energy, allergy medication daily. Allergy shots for three years prior to Advanced Allergy Therapeutics treatments.

Symptoms and Quality of Life after Treatment.
More energy, have not taken any allergy medication in over four months. Sinuses opened up a lot. Nighttime snoring has reduced 95%, according to my wife. I have less mouth breathing.

I would advise anyone who has used allergy medications or has gone through allergy shots for years with little relief to consult with Caleb at Durango Allergy Relief Center. Their treatments helped me after more than two decades of medications and three years of shots.

-Page Steward

Conditions and Symptoms before Treatment:
I had to take one to two pills of different medication to relieve my runny nose and still had symptoms. At night, I had nasal stuffiness. I had a lot of problems with bloating and gas and had to take medicine.

Symptoms and Quality of Life after Treatment:
In three treatments, I am now off sinus and digestive medication. My breathing is not obstructed at night and neither am I upset about nasal drainage. I tell people that my doctor recommended Caleb Gates, and I am glad for this referral. I have had other allergy treatments in the past, but this care and treatment has worked the best for me.

-Leigh Morlan

Food Sensitivities, Digestive Symptoms, IBS

Conditions and Symptoms before Treatment:
I first met Caleb in 2010 when he began giving me treatments for an extensive collection of allergies and food sensitivities I had accumulated and struggled with for more than twenty years. It seemed that nearly everything I ate would result in bloating, abdominal pain and often hives. I also had a host of seasonal allergies that would leave me wheezing and sneezing with itchy, watery eyes and chronic sinus congestion. Over the course of about 10 treatments, Caleb systematically worked through the very long list of substances that I was negatively reacting to.

Symptoms and Quality of Life after Treatment.
By the second treatment, I noticed things changing, and by the time we completed my treatments, I was virtually symptom free. Six years later, I can still eat anything I want with no adverse reactions. I often think of Caleb with appreciation when I enjoy foods that I couldn’t have for so many years.

-Jim Batchelder

How did these treatments change your life?
Caleb’s treatments gave me back my energy, my feeling of good health and my smile!

Conditions and Symptoms before Treatment:
I was very ill when I came to Caleb, and I could barely eat any food. My first two treatments made a very dramatic change, and I was on my way back to good health!

Results now: symptoms and quality of life after treatment. Caleb found that I was reacting to many foods, pollens, mold, barometric pressure, etc. After treatments, I have my energy back and feel great.

Recommendation for Durango Allergy Relief:
I wish that more people who don’t think of their symptoms as typical allergies would come to Caleb for help. The medical community could not help me.

-Jeanne Moody

Conditions and Symptoms before Treatment:
My two-year-old son had terrible food allergies and eczema. It covered his wrists and back of the knees. After just a few minutes of scratching he would be covered in blood. He had sores all over his legs so bad we had to put tights on under his pants to keep him from getting to his legs.

Symptoms and Quality of Life after Treatment:
Things are so much better now. Caleb cleared Bodhi of 95% of his food allergies. His skin is soft and free of sores. He can eat most anything now and life is much less stressful. I would recommend that anyone dealing with allergies be treated by Caleb Gates. He has a wonderful bedside manner, and he is great with kids. I look forward to him treating my allergies.

-Laura Boyher

Skin Rash, Hives, Dermatology

Caleb has managed to do what doctors and dermatologists couldn’t. Over the past few years, he figured out why my skin hated me, and he was able to fix it! No more angry, red welts and blisters, and no more insane itching. Thank you for the relief!

-Kindall Adair 

Conditions and Symptoms before Treatment:
I had itchy skin rashes that would flare up unexpectedly. I also suffered from a volatile digestive system, which was extremely inhibitive and uncomfortable.

Symptoms and Quality of Life after Treatment:
My itchy skin has virtually disappeared and my GI tract is normal. I can eat all the foods that bothered my stomach before treatment with no symptoms.

I HIGHLY recommend Durango Allergy Relief for anyone who is looking for a treatment that is non-invasive and medication-free. The results were exactly what I knew I needed but did not know where to look!

-Adrienne F.

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